Potholes are infuriating...and expensive. Did you know you can file a claim with the State of Michigan to be reimbursed for repairs?

AAA reports potholes cost American drivers more than $3 Billion a year. Three. Billion. Dollars. If you fail to miss one and damage your car on any of Michigan's trunk lines ("I," "U.S.," and "M," roads like I-94, US-131 and M 89) you can file a claim with Michigan Department of Transportation. Don't count your money just yet.

The state will consider an award, only for the damages beyond what has been paid by your insurance company. However, the state says a majority of claims are denied under governmental immunity laws.

So keep your eyes, peeled for potholes, report the worst and know that it's construction season in Michigan and they will get to all of them soon- just in time to start patching all over again.

Bonus Video: Driving Down a Pothole Riddled Road in Augusta

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