Ever notice why nobody wonders what kind of Fall we're going to have.  It's because we live in Michigan and all we grind about is what kind of Winter it's going to be.  Up until a few years ago I always said I like having 4 seasons but now I can understand why people "snowbird" southward for a while every Winter.  How nice would it be to head to warm weather for January.  You're here for the holidays, take a month down south and come back for February which is short then Spring is on the way.

The other thing that I'm confused about it why "global warming" didn't happen here like they thought.  We were supposed to have the weather of Tennessee by now.  I guess that's why they switched to "climate change".  At any rate, we could look at several sources but why bother.  The Farmers Almanac is always right.  Right?  Actually, the consensus is a warmer than average Winter for West Michigan primarily because of El Nino.   Check out the specifics by clicking HERE.


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