I don’t know why or when Wisconsin decided that they wanted these great-lake hands, but if they keep pulling stunts like this, they are going to receive them like the bountiful scenic destinations we offer here in Michigan. There's a Wisconsin page that is claiming rights to Michigan's U.P., saying it's now called Upper Wisconsin. I don't know where this beef started, but I have theories.

A few months back at upheaval festival in Grand Rapids, Ronnie Radke of the band Falling In Reverse told the crowd that they were way better than the crowd in Wisconsin.

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Fans are always allowed to criticize bands, their music and performance, it’s time for bands to criticize crowds, Cadot, Wisconsin was boring as hell. LOL. what are some cities you band dudes hate playing cause you know the crowds are lame?

This prompted someone to fire back at him saying:

You called the crowd lazy pieces of sh-t then went on to sing All Star by smash mouth. Sit the f-ck down. No wonder why the crowd didn’t f-cking like you.

Now, I don't know if this is all tied together, but one thing is for sure, the people of Michigan are not letting this page slide by trying to morally steal our state away from us:

It’s sad how bad y’all want to be from Michigan

Someone thought they were being intelligent...isn't that cute:

As a proud Michiganlander (what?) , you should remember your history that it couldn't become a state until Wisconsin gave it the U.P.

Not actually...

Yeah before Wisconsin became a state so really your comment is irrelevant at this point. You were a territory. We got it as part of our state before you became a state. Therefore we didn't get anything from you.

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