When it was announced earlier in 2023 that Kellogg's would be splitting up its operations, many in Battle Creek wondered if that meant their jobs were in jeopardy. At the time, nobody really knew, as it was completely new frontier for business leaders.

But now, things seem to be taking shape for the newly-named WK Kellogg Co. in Battle Creek, and despite early fears, it seems jobs will be saved, and maybe even added if the latest announcement proves correct.

The Deal That Saved Battle Creek Jobs

Earlier this week, WK Kellogg Co., which is the new name for Battle Creek's branch of the Kellogg's Company, reversed a decision to shift some production from Michigan to Canada. The move will effectively prevent layoffs before the holidays, and actually CREATE new jobs at the Battle Creek cereal manufacturing facility.

Along with that, the spinoff branch of Kellogg's was awarded a $5 million grant and a 15-year Renaissance Zone Tax Break from the Michigan Strategic Fund, valued at $1.27 million annually that will further support an investment to keep jobs in Battle Creek.

"We believe as a new company with a new leadership team that this is the right thing to do not only for the business, not only for our employees, but for our community as well."

Stacy Flathau is the Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at Battle Creek's WK Kellogg Co. and is elated that the community won't see layoffs before the holidays.

What Happened to the Canada Deal?

Initially, Kellogg's was set to pump upwards of $67 million into its Belleville, Ontario plant to manufacture cereal there. The operation would have been cheaper than production in the U.S., but in turn, would have shut down three manufacturing lines in Battle Creek by the end of this year.

This was before Kellogg's Split, though, and after that, Company leaders opted to reverse course, and dedicated $450-$500 million into six of it's North American plants, which included the Battle Creek location. As a result, it will retain 170 jobs that would have otherwise been lost, AND adds 43 new positions in Battle Creek.

WK Kellogg Co. was created when Kellogg's split into two branches earlier this year, making the Battle Creek location the main manufacturer and home base for cereal brands like Corn Flakes, Frosted Flakes, and Rice Krispies.

Kellanova was the other spinoff company created that moved to Chicago. It is in charge of the company's other products like Pringles, Cheez-Its, and Pop-Tarts.

Kellogg's Corn Flakes, Battle Creek

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Gallery Credit: John Robinson

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