Cross your fingers for clear skies over Kalamazoo and Southwest Michigan as the first full moon of 2021 appears.

The first full moon after yuletide is sometimes called the Moon After Yule, Snow Moon, Ice Moon, or the Wolf Moon. If the skies are clear, you'll see it on January 28. Officially, the moon becomes full in the afternoon, at 2:15 pm. It will rise in Southwest Michigan at 5:44 pm and light the night until 8:53 am on January 29.

Look for these other special moon events in 2021:

April 26 | Super Full Moon

  • We get a Super Full Moon when the Moon is nearest to Earth. It will appear larger and brighter in the sky.

May 11 | Micro New Moon

  • The opposite of the Super Full Moon, the Micro New Moon occurs when the Earth and the Moon are farthest apart in their orbits.

May 26 | Super Full Moon

Aug 22 | Blue Moon

  • The third Full Moon in a season with four Full Moons and a great song from 1961 by the Marcels.

Nov 4 | Super New Moon

  • Just like the Super Full Moon, this one is a new Moon at its perigee: the closest point to Earth.

Nov 19 | Micro Full Moon

  • The apogee is the Moon's farthest point from Earth. We get a Micro Full Moon when the Moon is full, yet far away.

If you've been fascinated by the moon since you were a kid like me, or only seem to notice when it is very full and bright, keep this calendar handy and study how differently our closest celestial neighbor looks from time to time.

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