It's a strange phenomenon.  We are one of the Northern most states and yet we run into native Michiganders that have, what sounds like, a Southern accent.  Then there are those that don't but still mispronounce a lot of words.  Now, I'm not perfect and just like you I can use a little learnin' more often than not.

Writing On The Board
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So here are the right words and the wrong words.  Lets start with one I just used...

RIGHT WORD                               WRONG WORD

OFTEN                                              OFF-TEN

MEIJER                                              MEIJERS

WALMART                                         WALMARTS

REGARDLESS                                 IRREGARDLESS

SUPPOSEDLY                                 SUPPOSABLY

EXPERIMENT                                   SPEARMENT

LIBRARY                                            LIE BERRY

BUFFET                                             BEW FAY

OIL                                                      EARL

TOILET                                               TERLET (WINE)

SHRIMP                                              SHRIMPS

BOIL                                                    BALL

SCHEDULE                                        SKED-JALL

ACROSS                                            ACROST

MAYONNAISE                                     MANAISE

OTHER                                              NOTHER

WASN'T                                             WADN'T

PROSTATE                                      PROSTRATE

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