Full disclosure...I'm not a hunter but all of my friends growing up in Wisconsin were avid hunters.  I was more of a fisher...man so my perspective on this issue may be a little skewed.  Nevertheless, I'm a fan of hunting for several reasons including most of what my friends hunt tastes good and it's imperative with more than a few species that we control the population for their benefit and for ours.

I never thought I'd be asking the question about Sandhill Cranes.  According to an article on wwmt.com, legislators in Lansing have put forth legislation to make the Sandhill Crane a game bird.  Granted, my opinion is one that comes from a non hunter but is this bird one that a lot of hunters want to shoot?  I'm asking sincerely.  Does it fall in the same category as pheasant and duck?  Or is it more of a sporting aspect than an eating aspect?  Obviously, I've got a lot of questions.  Also obvious is that there is a lot of "passion" on both sides of this issue.  Check out the rest of the article by clicking HERE.


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