If you traveled on Westnedge Avenue in the last week before construction began, you likely saw the orange barrels and perhaps the sign warning to "expect long delays."

When the weeks-long project began this week (June 4), indeed long painful delays were the rule for Westnedge Avenue through much of Portage.

The project spans much of Westnedge Avenue south of Milham and

will include barrier free pedestrian improvements,
pavement resurfacing, storm water main replacement,
water main hydrant extensions and traffic signal
replacement at JL Hudson Drive.

The road work extends south of Romence Road and is slated to last until September, according to the Portager newsletter.

A similar headache-enducing project is also planned for Centre Ave from Oakland to the city limit at 12th Street running the same time as the Westnedge project, June-September.

Get ready for a long hot summer in the city that will make it a little less natural to move, at least when driving.

BONUS VIDEO - Remember Bilbo's Pizza on Westnedge Ave?


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