About a month ago I told you about various companies beginning to lay the groundwork for testing a new COVID-19 vaccine.  At that point they only knew they'd have one to test and now they have one or more and they're looking for volunteers.

It all seems so surreal these days as we continue on uncharted waters or space, the final frontier.  I've expressed before that this whole experience seems like a science fiction movie come to real life.

The fact that we here in America have not done what we set out to do and suppress the virus in order to get control, leaves us with hanging on until we have a vaccine.  Right now there are 2 companies who are ready to execute the trial phase.

Moderna and our own Pfizer have a product that is ready to be tested.  They are both looking for 30,000 volunteers to either get the vaccine or a placebo and then be exposed to the coronavirus.

In all there are 90 selected test sites and one of them is the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit where 5,000 people will be part of this historic testing of the Moderna vaccine.  Henry Ford Health is looking for individuals who are, at least, 18 years of age, that don't have a compromised immune system and haven't had COVID-19.

I don't know about you but I would love to take part in the trials.  To be a part of something so important rarely comes along in one's lifetime.  If you feel the same, click HERE for more information.

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