I don't know if I've eve heard of a circumstance where an entire town was up for sale.  I seem to remember something like this in a movie or 2 but never in real life.  If it did I missed it.  Well now, for the price of a multi-million dollar home you can own a whole town; and it's less than 300 miles from Kalamazoo.

msn.com has a number of towns you can actually buy around the United States and one of them is Story, Indiana.  So how much would it cost to own this town?  A paltry $3.8 million!  According to the realtor, it's one of the best examples of a 19th-century village in Midwest America.  Plus, it's listed on the National Register of Historical Places.  This is a real town with real businesses and annual events.  No word on how many people live there or if you own them too.  Check out more of the specifics by clicking HERE.


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