The Ice bucket challenge is so last decade. Keep up a century-old tradition that goes back to 1920 with a polar plunge, February 1 in Stevensville.

How long has this been on your bucket list? Maybe you're thinking you are off the hook for another year. Think again. Be bold, get cold as Watermark Brewing Company in downtown Stevensville is hosting a polar plunge on Saturday, February 1.

Starting the new year with a dip into freezing cold water has been a tradition since our Canadian friends first did it in 1920. Most often a New Year's day event, This February 1 date is a benefit for Special Olympics Michigan. They call it "freezin' for a reason" and you only have to pay $75 for the privilege of freezing your extremities off in the middle of winter.

Here's the asterisk: Registration for the polar plunge is free, but you have to raise or contribute $75 to Special Olympics Michigan to get the t-shirt to prove you did it. There's also a special "too chicken to plunge" registration where you can pledge $20 toward their efforts and stay warm and dry.

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