Kalamazoo has so many cool things about it that you want to experience if you're not from the area. Everything from live music, all the breweries, the Air Zoo, the Nature Center, and discovering the downtown area and its history, there's never any reason you should run out of things to discover. But for those NOT hip to the area, there are some things you absolutely should NEVER do while in the city. This doesn't necessarily mean there are events or businesses to avoid, quite the opposite.

It's more about action. There are just actions you could take in this city that could not only get you in hot water, but basically, you could be walking into the lion's den so to speak. Here's a helpful guide to steer you clear of trouble:

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10 Things You Should NEVER Do In Kalamazoo

Now that you know what to stay away from, here's a chance for you to discover what Kalamazoo is all about, from A-Z:

Getting To Know Kalamazoo A-Z

Whether you're moving, new or from Kalamazoo, here is a nutshell of our city, from A to Z.


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