As someone who worked in the service industry for 15 years, I can attest to the fact that it’s a very hard way to make a living. Luckily, there are some restaurant owners out there who take care of their employees with a good salary or benefit system. But for the most part, working in the service industry can be a thankless job filled with a bunch of nagging and at times mean individuals.

However, sometimes there is a glimmer of hope as somebody will do something astounding like an anonymous guest who recently visited the Mason Jar Café in Benton Harbor. A customer by the name of Mark recently dined on Monday and ordered $32 worth of food and left a $10,000 tip for the waitress who shared it amongst her fellow waitstaff. In a post that was shared by the Mason Jar Café, they show the receipt and it’s legit:

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Customer Leaves $10,000 Tip For Server At Benton Harbor's Mason Jar Café

In a time where so much is happening, we wanted to share and thank the person who did this life-changing act. Things can feel real heavy sometimes, but this was such an amazing act to have seen first hand in our restaurant. So to everyone doing what they can for themselves, and for others, we see you, thank you, and appreciate you. Keep sharing the love where you can folks.
I've never seen a tip that massive before, but those servers just had an amazing Monday. The fact she split it with her co-workers shows just how much they value each other.

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