Winning the lottery is something that everybody dreams about. We sit around and think what would we do if we were to hit a massive jackpot? Would you spend it frivolously, invest in your future, or just set yourself up nicely?

Everybody’s answer will always be the same, but the first thing you have to do is win the jackpot. The only thing worse than not winning is feeling like you’ve won the jackpot only for it to be taken away. According to CBS News, such a thing recently happened When a Michigan woman apparently hit a $127,000 jackpot at the MGM Grand in Detroit, but they refused to cash her out.
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Denise Azell has filed a lawsuit against them because the casino claims that she was trespassing, even though she has been gambling there for over 20 years, as CBS reports:
Ezell was playing at the progressive blackjack table when a dealer announced that she had won the jackpot. However, when she went to obtain the money, a pit boss told her that she could not get it because she was trespassing. The employee said the issue was related to an incident in 2015 when she was accused of panhandling following an argument with another person at the casino. The lawsuit alleges Ezell was not informed that she was banned from the casino and even continued to gamble there over the last nine years.
If you ask me, this seems super shady. In the grand scheme of things, $127,000 isn’t that much compared to how much in profits the casinos bring in every single year. I think they should do the right thing and just cash her out, but she may end up winning more than just her original jackpot if she can be successful in the court case. Do you think she’s getting the bone or do you think the casino is in the right?

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