The fashions...the prices...the hair! Head back to Christmas in the Reagan era with this vintage Meijer TV commercial.

If you are of a certain age, you remember the tag line "the spirit of giving more, the joy of spending less." Meijer was Walmart in Michigan before there was Walmart in Michigan- you could get anything. No-duh!

Clothes aren't always the best gift but other than Jordache, nothing was hotter in 1989 than Chic jeans and Meijer had them for $16.96. (This was the basic 5-pocket jean before there were 73 styles to choose from.) Chic was bad and that meant good in the 1980s.

Watch the ghost of the gifts of Christmas past and his jack-in-the-box sidekick give the pitch for denim and all the other holiday gifts you won't be embarrassed about giving at Meijer.

Bonus: At a time when not much was, Meijer was (and is) open 24 hours for those last-minute Christmas shopping santas. Enjoy this tubular trip back to the 80s.

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