Tonight is the start of the regular season for the Detroit Red Wings. Former Red Wings Captain Henrik Zetterberg will be dropping the ceremonial first puck at Little Caesar's Arena before the game starts against the Columbus Blue Jackets. This year has the potential to be a big bounce back year for the Detroit Red Wings, who have missed the playoffs the last two years, after going to the post-season 25 straight years; the third longest streak of its kind all-time in the NHL.

There are multiple reasons this year could prove to be an amazing year for the Wings, and here is why I feel that way:

1. Out With The Old, In With The New: Henrik Zetterberg was no doubt an amazing player and will one day have his jersey retired. But one thing I feel the Wings have never fully grasped as a team is having a young, fast, and talented roster that's comprised of the most important factor, CHEMISTRY. At one point in time that mentality of "Older Veterans Teaming With Young Guys" worked for them, but it hasn't in a long time. I saw the Wings score some goals this pre-season, plays they made, that they NEVER make. Which leads me to my next point.

2. Dominant Pre-Season: This Pre-Season the Red Wings were 7-1. I know it's a trial period for teams and players, but they were winning games, that's all I care about.

3. New Is Good: We can't be afraid of a team we may not recognize. Just because our team isn't comprised of names we know and love, that may not be a bad thing. New Alternate Captain and Michigan native Dylan Larkin recently spoke, talking about how this new team will outwork teams:

I think we’re going to be an exciting team to watch. We’re going to be youthful, we’re going to have a lot of speed and I think it’s the whole 60 minutes of (being) hard to play against. We’re going to be a fast team, hard to play against and we’re going to do it right. That’ll be our identity. It may not be pretty, but we’re going to outwork teams

4. No More Hockeytown: Let's be real. Detroit IS Hockeytown. But that word has been more of a blemish than anything else at center ice. To me, it's a reminder of what the team used to be and no longer is. The Wings need to earn the right to have that on the ice, and start playing like it IS Hockeytown. I'm glad its gone, because now they can fight to get it back.

5. A Glimmer Of Hope: With the news of Steve Yzerman leaving the Tampa Bay Organization, and rumors of his return back to Detroit to be closer to his family, one can only hope that means he will return to The Red Wings Organization. We saw the massive impact he had on the Lightning team, and if that's any indication of what he's capable of in management, The Wings may once again return to glory.






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