Kalamazoo is a city that takes some getting used to, and, let's face it; it's not for everyone. Here are five reasons why you should not move to Kalamazoo.


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    The Food Will Spoil You

    Between the Friday night Food Truck Rallies and unique downtown restaurants, we are never wanting for sensational eats. Foods from all parts of the world and from all walks of life are at our fingertips. Feel like a cassoulet? Principle has you covered. Sticking to an organic, vegan friendly diet? Organic Gypsy can whip up a vegan burrito that will leave you wanting more. Having that "I don't know, what do you want to eat?" roundabout with your significant other? Head to Zooroona and let them decide for you with their 10 chef's choice small plates. You won't be disappointed.

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    You'll Never Settle on a Favorite Beer

    Kalamazoo is quickly becoming synonymous with beer. Arcadia Brewing. Bell's. Brite Eyes. One Well. Tibbs. Ruperts. Gonzo's. Boatyard. Hopcat. Olde Peninsula. Latitude 42. Texas Corner's Brewing. Not enough for you? Many restaurants, like Bilbo's and Bravo! boast their own brews on the menu. Beer is so important in Kalamazoo culture we even have a Wall Street-esque Beer Exchange. With so many choices, picking a favorite will prove impossible.

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    You're Forced to Enjoy the Great Outdoors

    Yes, you could argue that Michiganders, in general, enjoy nature, but people in Kalamazoo are crazy about it. Biking and running are huge in this city, so much so that there seems to be a club on every corner and a 5k for every cause. Running has put our fair city on the map. People come from all over the country to compete in the Kalamazoo marathon. Drive to South Haven? Pssssh, there's a trail for that. If biking and running don't float your boat, kayaking down the Kalamazoo River will. Yoga in the park? Movies in the park? or Shakespeare in the park? Even the beach is within our grasp. Kalamazoo people are outside people; from beer gardens to band shells, parks to ponds, moving to Kalamazoo will make you an earth worshipper.

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    You Cannot Escape the Art Scene

    What's your art, huh? Music? Sculpture? Metallurgy? Everything artistic is cultivated and celebrated in Kalamazoo. A 100-year-old warehouse was converted into studio space that artists can rent for a very reasonable price. They can use the space to create and also as a retail outlet. Once a month, like an artistic Brigadoon, Kalamazoo celebrates its local artists with Art Hop, and transforms the city into an art gallery. Restaurants will display paintings, vendors will set up in the parks, and the aforementioned warehouse opens its doors for shoppers and spectators alike. One restaurant, Studio Grill, does not limit their displays to Art Hop. The popular breakfast and coffee shop proudly displays area art all year round, making it what I like to call, a food atelier. The art scene is not limited to display art, though; performance art is also beloved. There are a variety of live theater spaces and stages for actors, dancers, singers, and bands to choose from. Never whittled, but want to learn? Check in with the Art Institute. They have classes on everything from printmaking to glass blowing. Art in Kalamazoo is never in short supply.

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    Kalamazoo is Entirely Too Child Friendly

    Kalamazoo isn't just for beer loving artists. Kalamazoo loves its kids. There is a children's museum downtown and two zoos within driving distance. There is always child-friendly, interactive (and educational!) fun at The Air Zoo, too, and a summer camp, the equal of which I have never seen, just minutes away. Have a performer in the family? The Civic Theatre has a one-of-a-kind youth theater, wherein the children do everything from lighting, directing, costuming, and more. What's more, Kalamazoo proudly instituted The Promise in 2005. What's the Kalamazoo Promise? The Promise is a program for students in the Kalamazoo Public School District. Participating students who go through K-12 and graduate from KPS schools are promised a full ride to any Michigan state college or university.

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