I am a huge fan of social engineering films - you know, the 50s film strips we watched in school that taught us how to follow rules, brush our teeth, and make the new kid feel included. There's something sweet about that simpler time when talking bars of soap reminded us to wash behind our ears and Mr. Bungle's lack of manners taught us what not to do in the lunchroom. I had no idea, though, that the US government was so invested in the dating practices of our Navy, that they would spend money producing a film titled "How to Succeed with Brunettes."

Holy crap, you guys.

According to this insightful and educational film, some things to keep in mind when attempting to woo a brunette:

  • A brunette likes to be treated as an equal.
  • She'll let you know if she's interested in checking her coat
  • Remember, everything you do on a date is to make her life easier

I had no idea that the Navy cared so much about us brunettes.


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