If I'm not mistaken, we may be the only 1st world country whose national election day is not a holiday set aside for the purposes of voting.  There are many countries that hold elections on the weekend making is easier on the voting public.  Over the years there have been initiatives to change voting day but to no avail.  I for one would like to see it changed for the reason of convenience.  This aspect alone is very prohibitive as the statistics point out. Many more registered voters don't vote than do.  Granted, there are other reasons such as apathy that are responsible.

Look!  It's 2019 for crying out loud.  Technology should be able to provide a more convenient and secure way to vote right?  According to an article on wlns.com, the idea of an Automatic Application is being floated which would allow people to vote from home.  After all, we've been using absentee ballots for years.  This would be an adaptation of that system.  What do you think?  Find out more about it by clicking HERE.


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