To say that it is been one hell of a career for Adam Wheaton as a Kalamazoo Growler would be a pretty accurate description. For the last five years he has shown that hard work and commitment really can pay off at such a young age. A few days ago, being slightly overcome with emotion, head coach Cody Piechocki made an announcement that would change the future of the Kalamazoo Growlers forever in front of all the boys in the locker room:

I'm tryin' not to get too emotional it's tough I didn't think I would today. One of the things we always talk about being a Growler, going back to school, being an all-conference guy, and becoming a captain. It's all about player growth for us, and Adam Wheaton has done that for 5 years. So when we talk about the nickname "Mr. Growler," he acts, behaves and carries himself exactly the way we've preached since 2014 what it means to play for this team. Having said that I'm pretty honored to get to tell him he's gonna be the first player to have his jersey retired.
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This will be his final year as a Kalamazoo Growler but it’s pretty clear now that at some point next season they will retire his jersey, #2, in a special game. Nobody knows as of yet where the number will be honored at, but we thank him for the past five years of entertainment as he will soon be the only Growler, whose #2, will be his forever.

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