Sneakerheads all over Michigan are drooling over the new Bad Boys themed shoe from Adidas.

Adidas announced that they would teaming up with Snipes Detroit again for the release. The two companies worked together for a 313 Day themed shoe that recently sold out in a matter of minutes. I am guessing that the Bad Boy themed shoes will also be sold out quickly, especially considering there are only going to be 1200 pairs available.

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If you are still not sure how the shoe is Bad Boys themed, it all goes back to the skull and crossbones logo that the team adopted during the Bad Boys era. The orange lettering against the black background, and white bones are all represented with this shoe.

If you're hoping to get your hands on a pair of these shoes, you're going to have to move fast. The official release date is April 24th, and they are only selling for $110! You can see the official countdown to release on the SNIPES Detroit website here.

With only 1200 pairs available, it's obvious that they will sell out really quickly. The good news is that they are being sold exclusively in Michigan, so while it's no guarantee, your chances of landing the shoe are definitely increased.

Each shoe will feature what number in the series it is underneath the Velcro strap. I love that the Bad Boys are getting a little love, I just wish they would release more of the shoe. Snipes has been focused on Detroit lately though, so I don't think this will be the last of the Detroit themed releases.

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