This is been a very tough year for the Detroit Pistons. Other than a couple of wins over the best teams in the NBA, this is easily one of the worst teams we have ever seen from the Detroit Pistons. Many people have glum feelings about them, saying, this team has never been farther away from a championship possibility.

Then there are others who are a little bit more optimistic, saying that all the Pistons need are a few key players and they could start making a comeback. One can only hope that with the Detroit Pistons ranked so low this season they will get the luck of the draw in the drafting lottery, and have one of the first few picks. But this also brings up another question that would shake the foundations of the NBA and its history.

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Should The Detroit Pistons Draft Caitlin Clark?

Caitlin Clark from Iowa just set the all-time points record for any player in the history of NCAA basketball. There is no rule stating that women cannot play in the NBA, even going back to 1977 when New Orleans drafted a woman as well.

There have been many conversations as to whether Caitlin Clark should have a spot on the Detroit Pistons starting roster. This discussion has led to a lot of people Discussing the differences of the game between men’s and women’s basketball, and the overall consensus is many people feel the physicality may be a little too much for her, but her skill could make her a strong bench player.

I’m curious what you think about the possibility of Caitlin Clark, becoming the first woman to ever play in the NBA and get drafted by the Detroit Pistons. She plans on finishing her senior year at Iowa and after that, it’s all up in the air.

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