There is a large plot of land that has been for sale in Traverse City for some time now and it appears that it could be purchased very soon and turned into an Amazon distribution center. At least that is what the rumor is according to the Traverse City Ticker which recently posted an article detailing an update on the project:

All signs point to e-commerce giant Amazon planning an expansion into Traverse City – what would be the company’s first Michigan location north of Saginaw. Construction plans submitted to Grand Traverse County Construction Code and viewed by The Ticker show a new facility planned on US-31 west of Menards.

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Not To Make Assumptions, But...

The Ticker continues:

Though Amazon is not officially named on documents, which refer only to an incoming “tenant,” the details of the project – including the listed developer, architect, and civil engineering firm, plus schematics for a “last-mile” delivery center with a fleet of delivery vans – are identical to other Amazon facilities in the Midwest.

Obviously, adding more jobs to an area is a great thing for the community, but one major red flag that some people are pointing out is the living situation in Traverse City. Many people have brought up the fact that there are so many homes that are currently being rented as Airbnb’s and that affordable living, whether it be housing or renting through apartments has been an issue. Do you think this new distribution will help or hurt the area?

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