Michigan is known for lots of things, one of them being our craft brew selection. Michigan is quickly becoming the beer capital of the United States. That may not be all it's cracked up to be though, considering we are one of the highest states when it comes to drinking too much. According to Wall Street 24/7, Michigan ranked 10th after reviewing data from the CDC to identify the states reporting the highest levels of adults who binge drink or drink heavily:

10. Michigan
> Adults drinking excessively: 20.0%
> Alcohol-related driving deaths: 29.4% (16th lowest)
> Adults in fair or poor health: 16.8% (20th highest)
> Drunkest metro area: Lansing-East Lansing, MI

Some 20.0% of adults drink to excess in Michigan, more than the comparable national share of 18.0%. Typically, states with higher rates of adults who binge or heavily drink are wealthier and are more likely to report better health outcomes. Michigan is an exception with a below average median household income and worse health outcomes than most states.

And after seeing this nasty picture of what happened in an Ann Arbor Subway, it's no wonder they also named Ann Arbor as the most drunk city in Michigan. I don't know if any amount of alcohol could wash away that memory...

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