I don't know if this guy just has zero fear or what but apparently there's going to be a basketless hot air balloon that will be seen this summer in Kalamazoo flying around, and that'll be a big ole' basket of NOPE for me. Listen, I love the fact that Ron Centers has the courage to fly a hot air balloon with the ability to hold yourself in the fetal position in the basket, much like I would. But it gives me anxiety watching this guy hover dozens of feet off the ground, let alone when he takes it hundreds of feet in the air.

I've always loved hot air balloons and love when they fill up the summer sky. You won't catch me on them, but people like Ron, who has been a huge part of Balloon fest for many years, is probably the most trusted guy you could go to if you want to ride in one. Although the basketless balloon looks dangerous, it's actually quite safe.

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One person watching the video raised some concerns:

Not a good idea. Landings can go terribly wrong and if the balloon has to descend that body could be dragging . Been up a few times and even IN a basket, you're at risk

Ellan Bacca who is the Chief Meteorologist at WOOD TV, was able to test out the balloon, and reassured the worried party that there's actually very little to be worried about:

I appreciate you sharing your experience! Ron and my husband have hundreds of hours collectively as pilots. Ron has flown in the Olympics and over the North Pole in a balloon. Safety is their top priority.

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