The first time Alex Trebek gave an answer about Battle Creek on Jeopardy! was November 3, 1988. Since then 22 questions about Battle Creek have appeared on the game show. See how many you can figure out and feel like a Jeopardy! champion.

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  • 1

    US Cities

    Will Keith Kellogg was born in this city in 1860.

  • 2

    The Midwest

    Sojourner Truth died in her house on College Street in this "cereal" city

  • 3

    Travel and Tourism

    A 180-acre bird sanctuary named for this cereal pioneer is adjacent to Gull Lake near Battle Creek, Michigan

  • 4

    Company Towns

    The original name of the Kellogg Company included the name of this city, its location

  • 5

    State of the Union

    More breakfast cereal is produced in this state's city of Battle Creek than any other place on Earth

  • 6

    Geographic Names (Daily Double)

    This Michigan city is named for the stream on which an 1820s skirmish occurred between 2 surveyors & 2 Indians

  • 7


    Before W.K. Kellogg, C.W. Post was making breakfast cereals in this city

  • 8

    Hey, Doc!

    This surgeon served as supervisor of the Adventist Battle Creek Sanitarium & founded Battle Creek College

  • 9

    1831 (Daily Double)

    First settled in 1831, it's not true that this Michigan city was acquired from local Indians for 25 cents & a box top

  • 10


    In 1906 a man with this last name began the Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Company

  • 11

    The "K" Team

    On Oct. 6, 1951, this magnate died in Battle Creek, Michigan

  • 12

    Take a Michigander At This

    Last name of the "flaky" guy born on April 7, 1860 in Battle Creek

  • 13


    Kalamazoo, Michigan shares its airport with this "Cereal City"

  • 14

    I Know You From Somewhere (Daily Double)

    Why it was just 2 Saturdays ago we met after services at the Tabernacle of this church in Battle Creek, Mich.

  • 15

    Annual Events (Daily Double)

    Each June 60,000 visitors are served bowls of cereal in this Michigan city's Cereal City Festival

  • 16

    Missing Links

    Battle ____ Indian

  • 17

    Michigan Mania

    In 1894 C.W. Post created his warm cereal drink Postum in this Michigan city

  • 18


    This Michigan city is the former HQ of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church & is home to some famous cereals

  • 19

    The River of History

    The name of this Michigan waterway that meets up with the Kalamazoo River refers to a fight that involved 4 guys

  • 20

    Annual Events (Daily Double)

    The Cereal Festival, with "The World's Longest Breakfast Table", is an annual event in this Michigan city

  • 21

    Women in Government

    This 2-named Michigan city, thought Susan Baldwin, was grrreat! Susan served 4 terms as mayor

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