The City of Battle Creek plans a number of public communications for residents and business owners as the pending visit by President Donald Trump is organized.  The event is set for next Wednesday the 18th at Kellogg Arena.

Campaign staff, the U.S. Secret Service, city staff, and others are working together to coordinate the needs for this event. While city staff do not yet know all of the details to answer the community’s questions, the latest city blog entry is revealing what is known so far.

Some of the items include:

The city is anticipating a larger crowd than the arena’s capacity. Overflow will be at the adjacent Festival Market Square.

The City is warning anyone planning to attend to watch the weather forecast, and dress for that day’s conditions.

Many residents have questions about the cost. As with any special event in the city, staff will track the costs, and will seek reimbursement from all eligible and appropriate sources. Requesting money in advance can have legal ramifications.

Kellogg Arena has have a contract with the campaign for services and costs associated with the event; the total will depend on the event’s final timing and activities.

City staff is working on what parking will look like on Dec. 18 – for residents, businesses, and event attendees. City staff is exploring the potential of using shuttles, how people with disabilities can get to the arena, and related issues.

There will be no parking  event day in the structure at the corner of McCamly and Hamblin.

No plans are set up yet for parking, and road closures. But everyone in the area should expect changes in traffic and parking patters throughout the day, including between the airport and the downtown area as the President’s motorcade goes back and forth between the two.

The city is not involved in tickets for this event. Anyone interested in attending must register for them at the campaign website.

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