A YouTuber lists his top 10 places in Michigan you should never move to. Is he right about the Cereal City? Find out why he says Battle Creek is among the worst.

Nick Johnson has a YouTube channel dedicated to obscure rankings about America and says, "You get you [sic] the straight truth about the cities and states across the US." Thanks to this 2020 video, 322,000 people think Battle Creek is one of the worst cities in Michigan and you should never move there.

Mr. Johnson starts off complimentary, calling Michigan an outdoor paradise and noting that some say Michigan is the prettiest state of them all. Then he cuts to the chase and begins to list the ten places in the Mitten you should never move to. Let the internet arguing commence!

10 Places in Michigan You Should NEVER Move To:

  1. Flint
  2. Detroit
  3. Benton Harbor
  4. Saginaw
  5. Pontiac
  6. Muskegon Heights/Highland Park (tie)
  7. Lansing
  8. Jackson
  9. Battle Creek
  10. Inkster

So why is Battle Creek so bad? Johnson cites it's 9th spot as the most dangerous place in the state, and lists disheartening statistics about children's health and safety. He then says despite cereal jobs having moved away, "big cereal companies continue to invest in the community of Battle Creek." Obviously, he hasn't done his homework because he then plays a Lucky Charms commercial. The magically delicious cereal is a product of General Mills, not Post or Kellogg, and has no connection to Battle Creek.

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If this list makes you mad, you might feel a little better after watching the end of the video (or just skip to 11:42 for the joke). There's an off-key Michiganized version of "Delta Dawn" at the end that may be worse than living in Flint.

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