Just as they promised back in June of 2020, Shorts Brewing company has announced a schedule of Arcadia beers to be released in 2021. The company is following up on the promise after having a lot of success with the release of Arcadia's Breweries most iconic beer "Whitsun Wheat Ale".

“Arcadia has a pretty large portfolio of products that range across many styles, it was really tough to narrow down our 2021 line up.” Stated Pauline Preuter-Knighton, the Sales Director for Superfluid. “We chose these specific products based on gaps in the market, how they would complement our Short’s brand offerings, and admittedly, we picked some of our favorites, too.” - MLIVE

Arcadia Brewery originated in Battle Creek expanded to Kalamazoo a few years later but suffered through some financial difficulties in 2019 and ultimately went under. Not before brewing some delicious classics like Jaw-Jacker and Hopmouth, both of which will be released later this year under Superfluid Supply Company which already handles Shorts, Starcut Cider and Beaches Hard Seltzer.

Here's the complete line up and scheduled release of the classic Arcadia beers in 2021-

Porter Rico = Jan - April and again in November thru December

Loch Down = April thru June

Hop Mouth = June thru September

Jaw Jacker = September thru November

Whitsun = Jan thru September

Sippelicious Wheat = September thru December

Keep in mind the aluminum can shortage will effect packaging although you my see some brands released in can form while newer batches will be bottle released.

“You’re living under a rock if you’ve not heard of the aluminum can shortage, we’re preserving our can allotment for our larger volume products and hope to satisfy the OG craft drinkers by returning to glass bottles.” Scott Newman-Bale, the CEO of Superfluid Supply Co. said. -MLIVE

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