Every once in a while we need to take a break from the goofy news and articles and sad stories that are happening around the area and just straight up show some love for some of the great local businesses we have around Kalamazoo because there are a lot of them. The beauty of it is there are always new businesses popping up, so there's always room for growth on this list. But we asked you what your favorite businesses were around the area and why you love them so much and the general consensus is...people love to eat:

The Artisan Sandwich shop in the Kzoo mall. It's by miles and miles the best sandwich in town. Also, the owner and staff are incredibly personable. Love that place.

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Sake & Lattes

Pacific Rim foods because they are some of the hardest working people I know. This is a bookstore because of its commitment to the community. Water St., Café because they have a long history in the community and great coffee!

Brews, Brews & More Brews

Well, Final Gravity Brewing of course! Great beer, amazing food, and oh, did we mention live and local music? What's not to love?

People are obviously happy about all the dispensaries that have been popping up for...obvious reasons. But it isn't all food and drugs as even Natural Health Center in Westwood Plaza was shown some love. Here are some other great places that were on people's lists:

  • Wally's Subs
  • La Cantina in Paw Paw
  • Rocket Fizz
  • Frank's Liquor
  • Erbellie's
  • Station 66
  • Cody Kresta Winery
  • Jacs on 9th St.
  • Marjo's West
  • Sweetwaters
  • Rice Kitchen
  • Nisker's

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