They’re little things we can all do here in Michigan. That will help decrease our carbon footprint on the planet. Businesses in Michigan are coming up with more ways to stay greener as resources become low. But we’re even seeing a time where resources like lithium and copper that are used in the batteries for things like electric cars are becoming a little shorthanded.

But even switching to a smarter appliance, that was built better and isn’t a “gas guzzler” of its type can make a big difference. President Biden seems to feel the same way as Fox News has reported that his administration has failed a string of Eco regulations to get all appliances out of the house by 2030:

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DOE's standards for refrigerators and freezers will be implemented between 2029 and 2030, and mark the first update to standards impacting those appliances in more than a decade. According to the announcement, the updated standards, which will take less efficient but cheaper models off the market, will in 30 years remove the amount of emissions generated by the combined annual emissions of 12.7 million homes.

What Will Biden's Eco Regulations Do?

Overall, the agency said the actions would eliminate 420 million metric tons of "dangerous carbon dioxide emissions" over the next three decades and save households and businesses $5 billion a year on utility bills.

The effort is put in place to help working families lower their utility costs and lower the carbon footprint we leave as a household and as individuals.

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