When I was younger, I truly believed that picnics would be a bigger part of my life. After all, every romantic movie taught me that when a man is trying to 'woo' you, he'll probably take you on a picnic on some beautiful summer day.

Of course, my lack of picnics probably had more to do with growing up in Florida where the summer days were 98 degrees with 80% humidity and the population of bugs was high enough to ruin any time spent outside but...still. This girl loves a picnic!

And if you're going to have a picnic, why not go all out?

Quakers Kitchen in Kalamazoo specializes in "bougie" picnics. You won't find a simple blanket with a basket of food here. Instead, Quakers Kitchen creates elaborate packages meant to facilitate an experience where the picnic-goers can "reconnect and catch up and cherish and capture moments that can last a lifetime," according to their website.

Take a look at a few of the setups shared on their Instagram page:

Absolutely stunning.

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There are a few different kinds of picnics you can enjoy and, for what you're getting, the prices are very reasonable in my opinion. For example:

The Bougie First Class Package

  • This package is intended for 2-3 guests and includes a tray with fruit, veggies, cheese, and crackers. It also includes complimentary wine, bottled water, and fresh-squeezed lemonade all served in the provided bubble tent. This package will cost you $110.

The Romantic First Class Date 

  • This package is, obviously, for two people and can range in price from $150 - $200. This option also includes a fruit, cheese, and veggie tray. However, you also get a dinner with a choice of meat and a side, free champagne, a paint canvas with paints and aprons included, a movie of your choice shown on a projector, an assortment of desserts, and a flower arrangement. The dinners look absolutely delicious too. Check out the gallery of past meals here.

Talk about impressing your date, whether it's a first or with someone you've been with for a long time, this would be an incredible outing. There are even packages for catering or mini-photo sessions too. You can see all the packages offered here.

If you're not in Kalamazoo but still want to enjoy a fancy picnic, there's a company that creates luxury, pop-up, fall-themed picnics in Michigan. Read more below:

Now, if you prefer more "spooky" outings instead of bougie picnics...check this out. These are, allegedly, the most haunted spots in Kalamazoo:

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K & J Luxury Beach Picnics Deliver Fall Themed Pop-Up Picnics In Michigan

If you want a pop up experience like seen below, you can contact them here.

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