The market has taken its toll on so many businesses since the beginning of the pandemic, and for some bouncing back from the dip in service has proved to be impossible. Tough times have made their way into another Benton Harbor-Area restaurant, as Capozio's in Harbert has announced they'll be closed indefinitely.

This was not an easy decision for them to make at this time, but closing up shop never is, especially when you've been a staple of the community like they have been since 1988:
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We have made the difficult decision to close indefinitely. Our last day will be Sunday, September 17, 2023. Like many businesses in the area, we have struggled with a weak labor market, finding it challenging to secure adequate help. Simultaneously, we are currently dealing with ongoing health issues and cannot physically continue without assistance.
As they noted, they tried changing around the current conditions of living, but it proved to not be enough:
Decisions like this are not made lightly. Our strongest feelings revolve around letting down our loyal customers. It's not easy to close the very thing that you have spent your life building. We initially took measures such as discontinuing in-dining service and focusing on takeout orders, which provided some relief but fell short of what was required.

Hope For The Future

Just because they're closing does not mean it is for good, as they strongly encouraged their customers to reach out to local government to help these struggling small businesses:

We encourage our customers to engage with local leaders and politicians to advocate for legislation and policies that bolster a strong labor market and promote a healthy population. We don't want to bid farewell forever and hope the labor market becomes stronger so that we can reopen next year

The "Dead" Orchards Mall, Benton Harbor

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