Usually the crazy scoring or victory celebrations are featured in soccer or football.   Recently after a victory the Carolina Hurricanes featured a very different way to celebrate a win on the ice. 

Usually in hockey the teams celebrate a victory by standing around center ice.  Sometimes they will tap their sticks and raise them for their home fans.

The Carolina Hurricanes did something very different.  According to NBC Sports, the team celebrated their recent win against the New York Rangers by showing off their new victory celebration.

Led by captain Justin Williams the team stood along the blue lined, clapped and then they all skated down the ice and jumped into the boards.

It was something you don't see in the NHL and it was cool to see.   Carolina is a team that has been rebuilding and it was great to see the veterans along with the young players get excited after a great game.

Being a Red Wings fan I wouldn't have a problem with Dylan Larkin and the team doing something like this.  I also wouldn't have a problem if they were a team that stuck to the old school celebration.

What do you think?  Great for the game or should they just stick to the old traditional way?

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