I kind of thought people were kidding when they told me, moving up here, I'd need a ladder to get on my roof to shovel.

Apparently, not, as I ran across THIS poor structure on my way home the other day from work.

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Yep, that is a carport at an apartment complex on West Main that has almost entirely collapsed down on all of the cars underneath it.

So naturally... I had to make a TikTok about it.


@meatballontheradio #LakeEffect #LakeEffectSnow #PureMichigan #Oops! #OhNo ♬ Oh No - Kreepa

The comments section is where I got some insight from previous residents of West Michigan, saying they didn't miss having to treacherously climb up on their roofs (rooves?) [editor's note: it's roofs] to shovel snow some winters to prevent such a thing from happening. But I was also reassured that RARELY does enough snow fall at one time to collapse the roof of a home in this area... though it has happened before.

I'm now thankful I don't live on the top floor of my apartment complex.

But the more I looked at this collapsed carport, I couldn't help but think... HOW HEAVY does snow have to be to collapse a structure like that? Well, snow is about 15 pounds per cubic foot. That roof was pretty big and did NOT look like it was supported by more than a few posts and pipes.


You gotta feel for the residents who were parked underneath it. They thought they were gonna get out of this winter storm with little to no effort in cleaning off their cars, while everyone else would spend 10-15 minutes shoveling show, and scraping ice to get to work.

Instead, they paid for premium parking, only to have their vehicles crushed... by snow.

Hope they had good insurance.

Carport Collapses Under Weight of Snow in Kalamazoo

Guess you should have shoveled the roof.

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