Anytime you watch a movie with old-time New York City as the backdrop, you're bound to see one of those classic checkered cabs. Like this one:

While they may have been ever-present in big cities, they actually originated in Kalamazoo.

The Checker Cab Manufacturing Corporation, or Checker Motors, operated in Kalamazoo for over 80 years. Their main vehicle that remained unchanged over the years was the bright yellow checkered cab. While many at the time may not have realized that the "tiny" town of Kalamazoo was to thank for these cabs, Checker Motors gained national attention thanks to the film Blue Collar. The film was set in Detroit but, apparently, the Detroit car manufacturers did not want the crew filming in their warehouses. That's when Checker Motors opened its doors. You can read more here.

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The company ultimately stopped making the checkered cab in 1982 and came to a close around 2009. Yes, you can find restored versions of these cabs every once in a while. Like this one that was for sale in Troy, MI in 2021.

And then there are the truly unique finds like this:

For Sale: Classic Checkered Cab Transformed into Limo

A California man is selling this checkered cab/limo that has been restored to its former glory.

Yes, that's a stretch limo/checkered cab that has been restored and is now for sale. If you're interested, you can find it on eBay. Be prepared to drop some cash, though, as it's listed for $38,000. And, honestly, given everything that has been done to refresh it and bring it back to life, that feels like a pretty good deal for this limo.

See the full tour of this incredibly unique car below:

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