Apparently there is someone driving around late at night in and around Three Rivers who is cheesing people's cars. I'm not kidding by the way, this is a real thing. Over the weekend one resident from Sturgis posted a video taken from their porch camera, that shows a car pull up to their truck parked across the street and proceed to fling a slice of cheese on their car:

Does anyone know this car that put a slice of cheese on my door last night at 10pm? Or did anyone else get cheesed?

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One person made kind of a hilarious comment, even though it was an unfortunate incident:

My daughter was driving home last night n someone threw an egg at her windshield...if we band together we'll have enough for an omelet soon.

Although funny, one woman warned that if someone throws an egg at your windshield, to not use your windshield wipers to get rid of it for the fact it smears the windshield and completely blocks your view. It’s a tactic to get you to stop so they can hijack cars etc. However, this is a myth that was started on Facebook with no factual evidence, and it turns out windshield wipers work just fine to get rid of egg.

Cheese on the other hand, can potentially ruin the paint job on your car if left long enough because of the acidity. Not terribly, but at the same time you don't just wanna have cheese hanging off your car. So please feel free to share if you know who may be tossing cheese on cars in the area.

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