It has been a rough go for malls, especially during the pandemic and unfortunately, you hear more about businesses leaving the mall, than making their way to the mall but today we have some good news a very popular food truck in Three Rivers will be making its way to Portage opening up a new restaurant inside Crossroads Mall.

Tacos El Texano is a popular food truck that announced it would be taking the place of the former Olga’s restaurant space:

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COMING SOON! If you LOVE the Taqueria El Tejano Food Truck in Three Rivers, you'll be even more excited to know they are opening a new restaurant called "Tacos El Texano" at The Crossroads in the former Olga's space! More great stores and restaurants to come!

Many people are both excited and concerned for the business that is hoping to be able to serve a larger community:


Awesome news . Happy for the owners of this new eating place in the old Olga spot in mall. Just hope the owners of Crossroads Mall finally do a major repair/redo & repaving of the parking lots, entrances/exits and path around mall before this restaurant and other places open or I'm afraid not as many ppl will make the trip or stop at mall to check out these awesome new places.

Before the pandemic began back in 2019, Olga's Restaurant in Crossroads Mall announced it would be closing after 39 years, and the new restaurant ushers in a chance for another company to try and make a run at that longevity.

Crossroads Mall Parking Lot in Shambles

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