A woman in Three Rivers recently took to a group to talk about how she went into the Walmart after work. The woman was shopping from around 6:30 to about 7:17. When she got back to her car she noticed there were small numbers written in the corner of her back window. Many people worry this could be a sign of human trafficking, although nothing has linked this to that worry as of yet. However, she notice another car nearby had a 4 on it, which she expressed concern for:

I was alone so I'm assuming based on other people's posts I've seen I was 1 because I was alone and they were 4 because there were most likely 4 in their car. I went back inside and talked to security. He came out looked at both vehicles took photos and walked the parking lot to search for more. He is also going to review security footage. But please be aware of your surroundings. (Also sorry my passenger window is gross my dog puts a lot of nose smudges on it frequently)

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The issue was brought up to Three Rivers Police, however, they determined the incidents didn't happen at the Walmart:

The Three Rivers Police Department has worked with Walmart Security to investigate suspicious numbers found on the back of a vehicle that was parked in the Walmart parking lot. After reviewing the security surveillance video, we can say that the suspicious numbers were not put on there at the Three Rivers Walmart.

This didn't bring the Three Rivers woman any peace, as she's convinced the threat wasn't taken seriously and claims she knows it was not on her window before shopping. Another person who was allegedly responsible for getting Walmart security claimed the Police Department never even showed up.

Regardless of the incident, police encourage people to report suspicious activity or suspected human trafficking through their Central Dispatch at 269-467-4195.

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