It seems like a rotating story for WWMT as of late with the moving of both Erica Mokay, who was a welcomed part of the community since moving here nearly six years ago in January 2017, and Anchor Kate Siefert.

Siefert took a job for an Ohio TV station back in January, and most recently Mokey took a new job in her hometown near Pittsburg, PA. Just before Mokay announced her departure, WWMT's Lexie Petrovic ALSO announced she was leaving. 

Now, it's been announced by Christina Anthony herself that she too will be leaving the station, while also ensuring her stay in Kalamazoo isn't coming to an end:

As we turn the page from October to November, I soon turn the page from one career to another. I’ve so enjoyed the past decade I’ve spent on the air, and the people I’ve met along the way—including all of YOU. Weather plays such an integral role in our lives, and I’m honored that you welcomed me into your homes to tell it. My last day doing just that on News Channel 3 is Saturday, November 19. I’m looking forward to serving this wonderful community on an even more intimate level thereafter, putting my experience to work in a public-facing role at Kalamazoo County Health & Community Services.
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Her former co-worker and friend Lexi Petrovic shared her love for her ensuring her that the bond will never be gone:
You are one of a kind, Christina Anthony. So compassionate, genuine, hardworking, and dedicated to informing the communities around you. Thankful for the two years I got to work alongside you and learn from you and excited for what’s to come! Proud of you and grateful for our lifelong friendship.
 Anthony's final day at Channel 3 will be Saturday, November 19.

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