Rats are going to be a problem, pretty much wherever you go. Being one of the most prevalent rodents in the world and always seeming to find a home where they are unwanted, it’s definitely not good when you land on the top 10 list of the most rat-infested cities.

Unfortunately, the northeast seems to be somewhat of a hotbed for rats, as Chicago, Illinois landed. The top spot is the most rat-infested city in the country. Here in Michigan Detroit isn’t doing much better as they moved from the 10th most to the ninth, most in 2023. however bad news for Cleveland and Akron, Ohio as they didn’t move much in the scale, basically swapping places with the tray as the 10th most rattiest city in the entire country.

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Take a look at a list you can see how much of a pest these really are as Ben Hottel, an Orkan entomologist describes:

Rodents multiply swiftly and when an infestation is left unattended, they can cause extensive damage to homes and yards. Rats are capable of squeezing into spaces through holes as small as a quarter, which makes it especially important to seal cracks from the outside.

How To Get Rid of Rats

Orkin suggests that you make sure your food is always stored away and that you clean up any clutter that rats might be able to get into. It’s important that you also maintain your landscaping and inspect both inside and outside of your home to look for possible entry points where rats could make their way into your home.

The Current Top 12 Most Rat-Infested Cities in the U.S.

Gallery Credit: AJ Brewster

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