I've always found it fascinating to see old pictures of the place you grew up in from the early 1900s. It’s even more fun when you can get back into the 1800s and see just how different things were back then.

One thing I love about Kalamazoo Public library is that they regularly throw back on Thursdays and post old pictures that are public domain. When you look at those pictures you feel like it’s a different world.

But when you bring color to the pictures you realize that the technological advances we’ve made are the only things that really separate how different things were. Of course, it was another time but the color seems to give it real life.
I found a new app on the phone called Colorize that takes black-and-white pictures and adds color to them. They aren't always 100% accurate or give the greatest detail, but for most, it does an amazing job.
Using the help of Kalamazoo Public Libraries’ #ThrowbackThursday posts, here is Kalamazoo from the late 1800’s to early 1900’s like you’ve never seen it before:
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Colorized Pictures of Early Kalamazoo That Will Blow Your Mind

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