Pacific Rim is a unique grocery store and one of many great locally-owned markets in the area that has been growing in popularity in recent years, this in large has to do with the selection of goods available, and also the eatery, Cravings, that's becoming very popular.

As Xin & Anson explain on their website, Cravings was an idea they had together and has since grown to be a popular place to get a bite to eat in Kalamazoo:
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In 2008, we quit our jobs to chase our passion – exceptional Asian groceries.  We believe food makes people happy. Food connects us, embraces unity, sparks passion among all cultures and backgrounds. We want to inspire people to learn beyond one city and one country. We want to simplify and bring thousands of years of Asian Culinary Culture to one store, to your family... one plate at a time.
It seems now that their business is expanding and there will be a stand-alone location coming in 2024 to Texas Corners, according to a recent post showing construction on a new building:
Excited to see the wood frames are up!! Cravings Corners- 8107 Vineyard Parkway - coming 2024!
Many people who have been fans of the food and drink at Pacific Rim have poured in their happiness and support of the new location:

I am so happy that you have achieved so much. I am also relieved to hear that this is a second location and the in store Cravings will remain. Congratulations on your success. You deserve it.

One of the owners, of course, had to make a joke about all the growth they've gone through in recent years:

I was looking forward to retirement and realized I am only 44... gotta keep going

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