A lot of restaurants were deeply impacted by the restrictions put in to effect when Michigan instituted their COVID-19 protocols. Some businesses pivoted easily to a carry-out/delivery platform, while others who could see no way of making that fiscally possible either folded or changed direction all together. In the case of Curry in a Hurry (both the food truck and the brick and mortar store he operates at Stadium and 9th), Chef Reid had a different issue. He was in need of a kidney, and even being open with limited contact could prove too much for his compromised immune system. He had to make the decision to close temporarily. However, he just announced some good news.

After finally receiving a new kidney and recovering fully from the transplant, he has announced the reopening of Curry in a Hurry as of November 4th. According to a post on the Curry in a Hurry Facebook page, quote, "Chef Reid has a new KIDNEY! We've cleaned and remodeled and we miss you! We will start with takeaway only, three days a week and a basic menu but will be offering specials, an expanded menu and lots, lots, lots more to come. We look forward to serving up traditional South African Indian flavors to all our fans old and new."

This is great news for fans of Reid's cooking and Kalamazoo residents who have been very selective in reserving their custom exclusively for local establishments since the beginning of the pandemic. It's also wonderful to see another Kalamazoo business back on its feet. Congratulations on the reopening, Chef Reid and crew of Curry in a Hurry!

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