"10,000 people will be at this Food Truck Rally in Lansing on Saturday. I have a lot to cook," Curry in a Hurry's Chef Reid says with the giggle of the sleep deprived. "And I'm doing Lunchtime Live! Friday at Bronson Park, so I still have to prep for that. I've been busy." Busy, indeed. Between the ever-growing popularity of his food truck and his store-front location on Stadium drive, Chef rarely has a moment to himself. Unfortunately, those few moments he does have are taken up by dialysis three times a week. Chef Reid Naidoo needs a kidney.

Stefani Bishop
Stefani Bishop

"If you think that's good, you should have tried my father's ribs," Chef Reid waxed nostalgic as I unapologetically tucked in to a heaping plate of fresh birani. Chef developed his father's love of cooking and quickly turned that in to a passion. Nothing makes him happier than bringing authentic Indian flavors to Kalamazoo and everywhere else his food truck takes him. If you are one of the many Curry in a Hurry groupies, consider helping Chef Reid and his search for a new kidney.

According to the United Network for Organ Sharing, a simple blood test is the first step to finding out if you're a compatible living donor. There are also several ways to help Chef Reid and other people waiting for donation. You can spread the word to reach possible matches within your circle or help with medical expenses along the way. Lets get Chef back in top shape and help him continue pursuing his love of fantastic food in Kalamazoo.

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