The culture inside the Detroit Lions program has drastically changed in the past few years. The "Same Ole Lions" are now the "Brand New Lions," with a new staff that is young, hungry... and apparently VERY funny.

A new bromance "war" has begun between Head Coach Dan Campbell, and Lions GM Brad Holmes, to out-do each other when attending press conferences, and it's the the best possible thing you can imagine - wearing each other on their shirts.

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For context, a similar one-upsmanship prank happened between two celebrities a few years ago, which is where they likely got the idea.

MaCaulay Culkin and Ryan Gosling started wearing shirts of each other, wearing shirts of the other person. So Ryan would wear a shirt with MaCaulay, wearing a shirt of Ryan, wearing a shirt of MaCaulay, wearing a shirt of Ryan, etc.

It got to the point where it was like staring into one of those infinity mirrors.

Well, the Lions have gotten in on the fun now, too. Brad Holmes started it, wearing a Dan Campbell shirt to a presser on the final day of the NFL Draft back in May.  


And not to be outdone, the ultra-competitive Dan Campbell had to show his love for Brad, too, and showed up to a press conference a few days later wearing his own dedication to "His guy."

He said his wife "found" it for him to wear. Love it.

But this is definitely a good sign, that the culture that closed out the Lions 2022 season is not only alive and well, but flourishing from the top down... true trickle-down Football culture.

It's unclear if the prank will escalate to the degree of Ryan Gosling and MaCaulay Culkin, but at the very least, we need to get our hands on at least one of those shirts ourselves.

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