It's that time of year again. Time to change, well... time. This Sunday at 2:00 am officially, Daylight Saving Time begins and clocks are to move forward one hour to 3:00 am (cue Matchbox Twenty). It's the one we like to call 'Spring ahead" or "Spring forward"..

This is the one a lot of people gripe about more as not only do you likely lose an hour of sleep, but it is also a loss of one hour for your weekend too. The "sunny side" of it though is an extra hour of daylight in the evenings. And that is why there are many do not care for "Fall back" as you lose an hour of sunlight in the evening, which is disorienting and it is also another sign that the depths of winter are approaching.

But lately, it seems that a consensus among more and more of us is that we don't like either one. In fact, every time one of these time changes rolls around, it seems there is a politician or two who wants to introduce legislation to end it one way or another. That usually gets talked about for a few days, maybe a week, and then never heard about again until the next time change.

I guess we will see if it ever materializes. "Fix The Damn Clocks" probably would not have been as sexy of a platform to run on I suppose.

But if it ever does come to end, PLEASE stay on Daylight Saving Time and keep our 10:00 pm summer sunsets and lose the 5:00 pm winter sunsets. Thank you.



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