I've given this some thought because it might affect me more than most, as I have to get up every weekday morning around 4:30 pm to be charming and lovable. And every time the time change comes around there's a new debate whether we should have it or get rid of it one way or another. When you wake up as early as I do, it's personal.

Before we start having some fun with it, in all seriousness, leave it the heck alone. It's an inconvenience, but it's fine. Just like a great football team at halftime, we adjust. As much as I like daylight saving time, I realize you need some daylight in the morning for kids who are going to school, but in exchange, don't mess with my daylight in the evening in the summer time. And....side note, but it's funny. There's a meme going around Michigan reminding us that with both Meijer and Daylight Saving Time; there's no "s" at the end of either word.

The Top Things You'll Miss As We Spring Forward

1. This is a big one for me. My beauty sleep. Did you see my ugly mug with this story? That was taken last March after the time change. Not pretty?

2. With a tip of the hat for one of my favorite comedians of all-time, the late John Pinette, An hour at the "all you can eat" buffet. (NSFW)

(Lawrence Bader via YouTube)

3. The character is this early Bee Gees classic "I've Got To Get A Message To You". It's story of a condemned man facing execution - in an hour. Yeah, an hour matters to him.

(Solrac Etnevic via YouTube)

4. Legend has it Ben Franklin came up with the idea to save candles. Do you want to burn more candles? Neither do I. And have you seen the price of gas?

5. Church.  DST costs churches money. What hour do you think that folks are going to miss? That hour you'd have gone to church Sunday morning, so you just might be going to hell.

6. Money. Word is there's more car crashes after a time change, so your already astronomical insurance premiums will be going up. Stay in bed for a couple of day and save some money.

Okay, that's enough. I've got to get to bed.

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