Daylight Saving Time ends this weekend and we gain back an hour of time robbed from us when we went to Daylight Saving Time in the Spring. Not sure an extra hour is what we really needed in 2020 but lets hope its just not another disastrous hour.

On that note - If you're looking for someone to blame for all this time change nonsense you can blame a guy named George Hudson who was an entomologist and simply pushed for it so he could spend more after work searching for bugs. Good gawd.

Anyway, back to what we could do with that extra hour.

You could:

*Spend the extra hour preparing yourself for the clocks on your stove and in your car to be wrong for 6 months.

Damn thing...I'll just wait 6 months

*Listen to ONE Grateful Dead song

Settle in....this jam will take a while

*Attempt to get through eating a single bowl of Grape-Nuts cereal:

Grape Nuts...hopefully your teeth will still be in your mouth after them

*Post more political rants on Facebook:

Oh yeah...Well I think proposition 13 is bad luck for the community could do something constructive like:

Spend an extra hour checking out Fall foliage on the Kalamazoo Valley Trail:

Somebody gonna rake these up??

Spend an extra hour exploring downtown restaurants, shops and breweries:

Downtown Kalamazoo

Grab some extra time for pizza at Bilbo's:

Spend some extra time grabbing Cider and Apples at VerHage's Farm:

An Apple a day will keep't remember.

Spend a few more minutes inside TroVe's to find something unique:

No matter what you decide to do with your extra hour make it count!

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