Daylight Saving Time has been a pretty big discussion for a few years now, and whether it's even necessary anymore. In fact, entire states like Arizona have ignored it, and some counties don't adhere to it either.

But is it possible Michigan would be the next state to get rid of DST, and remain in Standard Time for good?

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This year, we "Fall Back" on Nov. 5th. Always at 2 a.m., we'll gain an extra hour, and shift sunrise and sunset a full hour sooner in the day.

When it was proposed, electric lighting wasn't as widely available. Not to mention the rumor about making things easier for farmers was a myth. In fact, farmers have been one of the strongest lobbying groups against DST since it was first implemented.

But nonetheless, it was put in place in 1918 in the United States. The REAL reason, according to U.S. Government, was to alter daylight working hours to conserve energy resources during WWI, and then again during "War Time" in WWII.

Will Michigan Keep DST?

What's interesting is, people have found that when they are on DST, rather than Standard Time (ST), the daylight hours actually workout even better. They conserve energy during the winter, and have more daylight during the hours most important for being out and about.

In April of 2021, Michigan's House of Representative proposed, and passed a bill to move to year-round Daylight Saving Time, so long as Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania also made the switch.

But sadly, the bill died in committee hearings.

But what's interesting is, all of the aforementioned states have proposed their own bills to stay on DST as well. In fact, at one point or another, every state in the country has proposed a bill to remain on Daylight Saving Time, but nearly all of them die in committee, or before the next body of government gets to vote.

So it seems, all it would take, is one final push to get us over the edge.

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